We Paid Referring Attorneys Millions of Dollars in the Last Year

We work with attorneys nationwide on both class action cases and personal injury cases.  In conformance with the rules of the State Bar of Georgia we pay referring attorneys a generous fee split on cases that we work on together.  Come be part of our team……we are currently investigating the following potential classes:

  • Life insurance companies as an alternative to paying out a lump sum to the policies’ beneficiaries instead give the beneficiaries a “check book”.  These are commonly called retained asset accounts (“RAA”). An RAA is not like a traditional bank account because the account belongs to the insurance company and while the Life Insurance Company earns substantial interest on the money in the account, the pay the beneficiaries a small fraction of what they earn. We have recovered against several life insurance companies, and yet many more still maintain this unscrupulous practice.  If you have clients with checkbooks, please contact us.
  • Fees not disclosed on business service contracts.  Examples include environmental charges, fuel surcharges, processing fees.  Advanced Disposal, Sysco, Waste Industries, as well as others have already settled class actions for collecting improper surcharges and other fees.
  • Managers are being misclassified as exempt for purposes of overtime pay.  We have successfully recovered against auto repair, fast food, and other chains for this improper practice.
  • Any tipped server who is paid $2.13 plus tips and must split their tips with cooks, bartenders, managers, food runners or bus boys may have a potential claim.  Also, anyone who must take a menu test or arrive early and work off the clock to memorize the daily specials may also have a claim.
  • Insurance Companies, especially in the substandard auto insurance sector, add on additional charges for premium finance, processing fees, auto club, etc. some of which are illegal charges.  Please look at your personal injury client’s policy bills and if something looks suspicious it could lead to a significant claim.

In addition to these class action cases, we accept referrals in a wide variety of personal injury and business litigation.