Don’t sell your personal info for the price of a Domino’s Pizza

Facebook (owned by Meta) has faced multiple lawsuits alleging improper sharing of user information with third parties, leading to a recent settlement of $725 million pending court approval. Eligible users who had active accounts between May 24, 2007 and December 22, 2022 can submit a claim, opt-out, or object to the settlement (do nothing). Opting out allows individuals to pursue separate legal action against Meta and potentially receive a higher payout.

The original settlement allocates $15,000 to eight plaintiffs, leaving around $544 million to be divided among approximately 87 million eligible users. This would amount to approximately $6.25 per person if all claims are made. Lober & Dobson LLC believes they can fight for individuals to achieve a higher payout and take a stand against Facebook’s practices.

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