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The cost of a truck accident can be substantial when serious injuries and fatalities create additional expenses and in the case of a fatality, eliminate a source of income. At the centrally located Macon law office of Lober, Dobson & Desai, LLC, our attorneys work closely with medical providers, economists and life care planners evaluating the financial impact of a truck accident on our clients. Working from cost data maintained by HMOs and insurance companies, we consider the cost of current and future medical treatment, surgery, physical therapy, medical equipment, and lost wages. When gross negligence involves drunk driving or egregious violations of the law, our office pursues damages for loss in quality of life as well. And, since truck drivers often try and blame the other driver for causing an accident, our attorneys work with accident investigators in determining the cause of a tractor trailer accident. If you or a family member has been seriously injured in a tractor trailer accident, contact Wm. Greg Dobson today to schedule a free consultation.

Commercial Vehicles are involved in an alarming number of traffic wrecks each year. According to Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways (CRASH), 429,000 commercial vehicles were involved in wrecks in the United States in 2001. In these wrecks, 5,082 people died and an additional 131,000 were injured. Some of these tragedies were a direct result of careless truck driver’s and their employers conduct. There are also numerous results of a commercial carriers’ failure to operate their businesses safely.

Cause of Truck Accidents

  • Absence of a Mansfield Bar
  • Allowing drivers to drive without proper rest
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Failing to display flares when the truck is either stopped or disabled
  • Failing to properly inspect the commercial vehicle to ensure that it is safe
  • Failing to properly investigate a driver’s background
  • Failing to properly maintain the commercial vehicle to ensure that it is safe
  • Failing to properly quip the commercial vehicle to ensure that it is safe
  • Hiring an incompetent, unskilled, unqualified or disqualified drivers
  • Ignoring driver complaints about the poor operation of the commercial vehicle
  • Ignoring drivers’ wreck history
  • Improper reflective markings
  • Improper supervision of drivers
  • Improperly distributing the weight of the cargo
  • Improperly scheduling shipments and deliveries
  • Improperly Securing the cargo
  • Inadequate training of drivers
  • Inappropriate review of driving time behind the wheel
  • Ineffective fatigue training for drivers
  • Ineffective monitoring of drivers’ moving violations
  • Ineffective monitoring of drivers’ speeding
  • Overloading the commercial vehicle
  • Overlooking a driver’s bad employment and driving record
  • Parking the truck in the travel lane
  • Providing the driver with a radar detection
  • Retaining the employment of an unqualified driver
  • Texting while driving
  • Typing into an onboard computer while driving
  • Unsatisfactory safety rating
  • Using a driver that does not have a commercial vehicle driver’s license

Exposing Negligence on the Part of Truck Drivers
It’s not uncommon for truck drivers to blame a car driver for causing an accident. Exposing truck driver negligence is essential for assigning fault and recovering the full compensation you deserve. In investigating truck accidents our attorneys work with accident investigators in measuring skid marks, review data from a truck’s on-board black box data recorder, analyzing GPS information, and inspecting a driver’s log book. By comparing fuel receipts against GPS information we can often determine if a truck driver exceeded his maximum allowable drive time hours or falsified his log book. This is important in cases where driver fatigue is a factor. In measuring skid marks and analyzing data from a truck’s black box data recorder, we can often determine if a truck was speeding or engaged in unusual driving maneuvers.

Free Consultations – Contact Our Tractor Trailer Accident Attorneys Today
Our attorneys understand the regulations and requirements that govern the trucking industry and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We’re prepared for tactics employed by truckers and their employers to confuse issues and shift blame. To discuss your case and schedule a free consultation, contact Wm. Greg Dobson 478-745-7700 at the law office of Lober, Dobson & Desai, LLC today.

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